Below the hook lifting devices

Lifting heavy materials with below the hook lifting devices by vacuum. The vacuum lifting systems Aerolift transport and lift heavy objects safely, quickly and easily.

Lift and move freely

No matter what industry you are in, handling heavy materials is often a big and complex operation. Aerolift vacuum systems suck themselves firmly on the top of the load, which creates a strong vacuum. The suction pad is connected to a lifting system which makes it possible to move the load in all directions as long as the vacuum is maintained by the operator.

Turn, lift and move your loads as long as you want and wherever you want. Objects do not necessarily need to have a smooth surface, as long as the material is airtight. Curved surfaces such as pipes, but also architecturally designed objects are handled without difficulty. The rubber of the suction pad is flexible so it can easily form itself to the surface of the load to create a strong vacuum.

Transport safely

Lifting and transporting by means of a vacuum is very safe. A vacuum creates a strong connection. If due to circumstances the power supply would end, then the vacuum will still holds for minutes. Therefore, the operator has more than enough time to get the load safely to the ground. In case of such a power failure the vacuum lifter emits a clear visual and optical signal that alerts everyone around. Before, during and after handling no people are needed directly around the load, so the risk of accidents declines.

Very suitable for every industry

Aerolift vacuum lifters are suitable for every industry. You can use them as an (automatic) conveying system for internal and external transport, in transfer and storage situations both inside and outside, in cold and hot temperatures, in thin air and underwater. Handle paper rolls, steel plates, pipes and concrete products such as concrete sewers with great ease.

More information about alternatives for below the hook lifting devices?

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