Handling solutions other industries

Aerolift offers customised handling solutions for many different industries, such as the concrete industry, tunnelling industry, metal industry, piping industry, paper roll industry and the wind power industry. Is your industry not listed? Don’t worry, we offer our customised lifting solution many more industries.

Vacuum lifting solutions

Most Aerolift lifting solutions are based on vacuum lifting technology, because of the many benefits compared to other lifting methods:

Easy and fast

  • Attachment and detachment are done in seconds

Reduced production costs

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower investment in technology, labour and energy
  • No damage to the product


  • Double safety factor
  • Extra safety provision in the event of a power failure
  • Reduced accident risk

Although we always prefer vacuum based lifting solutions this is not always applicable. For these situations we also design lifting equipment without vacuum.

Glass handling solutions

Vacuum based handling solutions are highly suitable for the glass industry. The soft suction pad with a divided surface pressure never damages the glass. Not even a scratch! All Aerolift vacuum lifters are custom made for a specific purpose. For example, we are able to design a vacuum lifter for high-rise construction.

Handling plastics with vacuum technology

As with glass handling, we are specialists when it comes to designing and building vacuum lifters to customer specifications. However, the applications of vacuum technology in plastics are much more diverse. For example, vacuum technology is used in this sector for handling:

  • fuel tanks;
  • bulk storage (e.g. drums and tanks);
  • façade cladding panels (profiles);
  • worktops/kitchen countertops;
  • car parts;
  • aircraft parts;
  • wind turbine rotor blades;
  • spare caps and other such strength reinforcers. These can be form-removed and 90% tilted with Aerolift vacuum lifters.

Vacuum technology in the timber industry

Before handling wooden products, it is essential to make sure the product is airtight and therefore can be handled by vacuum technology. With our customised lifting devices, it is possible to lift wooden products of a wide range of dimensions. For example, to lift boards of 6 meters to 12 meters by one and the same vacuum lifting device.

Handling sandstone, bluestone and clay products with vacuum technology

The surface of sandstone, bluestone and clay products are easily damage and need to be handled with care. Vacuum technology is an excellent choice, due to the soft rubber and divided surface pressure. Even the most sensitive surfaces stay undamaged by vacuum lifting technology.

In sandstone cutting and concrete prefab industries, vacuum lifters are used at both loading and transfer stations. Clay products can also be handled with a vacuum lifter. And, vacuum technology is also effective in underwater operations, for example, for water-proofing canals and overhead crossings.

More information for a lifting solution in your industry

Looking for a customised lifting solution? Contact our team to discuss the possibilities. Aerolift is the expert in the field of lifting solutions.