Paper roll handling equipment

Aerolift has developed a range of handling equipment to lift paper rolls. We provided a number of paper manufacturing plants with Aerolift automated roll handling systems. The paper roll handling systems are specially designed to use all available storage space in these plants as efficiently as possible. The paper reels are stacked with a minimum distance in between. And a stack can be as high as 15 meters.

Vacuum paper roll lifter

After production, the paper rolls are wrapped into a paper seal. Typically, there is much variation both in the length and diameter of the rolls. The rolls are mechanically placed upright; after which the vacuum paper roll lifter of Aerolift picks up roll by the top and to be transported to storage.

The boost that creates the vacuum produces a vacuum sealed paper surface. The paper is now ready for handling. The vacuum paper roll lifter easily and quickly stacks the rolls and packs them together, maximizing your storage space. A vacuum lifter is also a highly effective tool for transfers.

Handling paper rolls with the Aerogripper

In order to be shipped by sea, paper rolls must often be packed. However, when packed, the rolls can no longer be handled with vacuum technology without some special provisions. Aerolift was approached to design a lifting solution to handle the wrapped paper rolls without causing any damage to the packaging.

The hydraulic Aerogripper provided the solution. Instead of vacuum, this six-armed paper gripper uses an electrical-hydraulic driven system. The Aerogripper is specially designed to offer the same sort of advantages as the vacuum paper roll lifter. For example, the six arms are designed to perfectly match the parameters of the batch of paper rolls so they are still placed with a minimum distance in between. The arms are safely secured around the paper roll. Thanks to its long gripper arms the Aerogripper can handle multiple paper rolls at a time. The Aerogripper is mainly used for transfer operations and preparing paper rolls for transport. Over time we developed the Aerogripper to also be able to offer a mechanical gripper. The choice for either of these two systems would depend on personal preference and suitability for the application.

Vacuum for small scale handling of paper rolls

Not only do we offer lifting solutions for the large paper manufacturers. We also design paper roll handling equipment for smaller businesses, such as the packaging and printing industry. Unlike the large paper manufacturers, they often have limited storage space. We design for example paper roll lifters which operate in combination with forklifts and cranes which are manually operated.

More information about the paper roll handling equipment

Would you like to know more about our paper roll handling equipment? We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your specific situation.