Low-pressure steam generator

Accelerate the hardening process of your concrete product

Would you like to increase your productivity? Use a low-pressure steam generator! Under normal conditions the final hardening level is reached after 28 days. By the aid of a low-pressure steam generator we accelerate the hardening process without quality loss of the concrete. The  concrete product is already hardened enough to be demoulded after 12 hours. It is no rocket science to see that this machine can increase your production output tremendously!

The low-pressure steam generator is used for heating, curing, hardening, defrosting, cleaning and disinfecting.

low-pressure steam generator Aerolift

How does it work?

The low-pressure steam generators feature a three-pass steam boiler, by which an ideal form of dry steam is generated at an extreme low working pressure of 0,5 BAR and even less. The rate of return from the heat source is up to 92%.

After pouring the concrete, a tent is placed over the mould and dry steam is blown into the enclosed space. Within the next hours the temperature in the tent will increase to 55 °C, after which the steam generator automatically shuts down. Through the increased temperature the chemical hardening process of the concrete gets a boost. When the steam generator shuts down the temperature starts to drop. But, due to the warmth which is released during the hardening process of concrete, the temperature in the tent will stabilise. After 12 hours the concrete is hardened enough to be demoulded.

Example warmth graphic using a low-pressure steam generator

Advantages using a low-pressure steam generator

  • Extreme low working pressure (0 – 0.5 BAR)
  • High rate of return from the heat source (up to 92%)
  • Equal heat distribution
  • Easy and robust system
  • Fully automatic
  • After starting, the system reaches operating temperature between 10 – 20 minutes

How it all began

Originally this business started with Arbez. After World War II, a lot of steam driven machines were decommissioned and Arbez started rebuilding the steam boilers of steamships. The boilers featured a two-pass system and Arbez converted this to a three-pass steam boiler. Arbez started with used boilers, but due to developments on the market Arbez also started to produce new low-pressure steam generators. They also patented the three-pass system, with which the ideal dry steam is created. Now years later Aerolift reintroduces the low-pressure steam generators of Arbez. We believe the unique advantages of the low-pressure steam generator offers great opportunities for the current concrete market.

Low-pressure steam generator Aerolift

Applications of the low-pressure steam generator

Besides accelerating the curing time of concrete, the low-pressure steam generator can also be used for:

  • Removing snow and ice of building sites or objects
  • Heating and drying of building objects
  • Heating mixing water of concrete mixing stations
  • Heating workshops with air heathers
  • Heating of bunkers on shore or aboard ships
  • Heating and defrosting of ingredients
  • Heating of oil, chemicals and other liquids
  • Cleaning of grease from machinery parts in workshops
  • Drying of cereals, spices, etc
  • Sterilisation of the soil in horticulture
  • Pasteurising and blanching installations for foodstuff
  • Producing bakery ingredients
  • Conditioning and moistening of air
  • Treatment of leather in tanneries

Low-pressure steam generator Aerolift

Curious what the low-pressure steam generator can do for your organisation?

Would you like to use the low-pressure steam generator for heating, curing, hardening, defrosting, cleaning or disinfecting? Contact our team and ask for the possiblities.