Vacuum handling method 90 degrees

Using the 90º vacuum handling turning method a material or product can not only be lifted, but also turned in one and the same operation. Aerolift supplies this system in two versions: 90º turners and 180º turners. Moreover, Aerolift has developed vacuum lifters that are able to handle a load in any position by lifting, turning and rotating.

90º turning or rotating?

Depending on the application, a vacuum lifter can be made to turn or rotate around either its longitudinal and/or lateral axis. Vacuum lifters with turning capabilities, depending on the available space, can be connected to most traditional lifting tools. With a 90º turner you can lift and move loads, as well as reposition them 90º for transport or storage purposes. The applications of this technology are endless!

Assemble using 90º turners

Aerolift’s vacuum lifters with turning capability are suitable for assembly work. Think of housing construction or high-rise building, with a turner used for installing wall sections.

Turners for storage purposes

For storage purposes, both, hand-operated and automated systems are used. Its applications include handling drums during production and storing silos and tanks. Combined vacuum technology is frequently used in the concrete industry. Thanks to the unique properties of vacuum technology, recently poured concrete with only limited strength can be demoulded without any damage to the load and without requiring temporary/additional anchors. Using a vacuum turner, the concrete element can be turned after demoulding with exact precision for convenient and efficient storage.

When storing steel sheets, only several sheets can be stacked due to surface pressure tolerance. Alternatively, the sheets can be placed against an A-frame, which allows you to store more sheets in the same amount of space. When stored this way the sheets must be turned 90º. An Aerolift vacuum lifter turns the sheets easily and quickly without chains, hooks or clamps.

What can vacuum handling methods with 90º turning do for you?

For more information on the usage of 90º vacuum handling & turning methods contact our team. They’re pleased to explain how we can support your business!