Demould and lift concrete staircases

With vacuum technology you can demould and lift concrete staircases in one movement. Above all you can demould, move, turn and assemble the staircases without embeds. No more disfiguring embeds or the finishing thereof. This gives the architect more freedom to use special materials concerning raw materials as porphyry, granite, basalt, limestone, colours and designs!

Vacuum handling technology vs. embeds

Staircases are provided with six embeds to demould, move, turn and assemble. With vacuum handling technology you need none! This means you never have to damage the load to handle. Besides, it saves labour of fixing the embeds and afterwards removal of the lifting points.

Less curing time of the concrete staircase before demoulding

Vacuum technology also offers other advantages. Due to the divided lifting force by vacuum lifting technology it is also possible to demould freshly poured concrete. Before demoulding concrete with embeds the curing time is about a day. With vacuum handling technology it possible to demould concrete already after 8 till 10 hours! This is possible because of the limited surface pressure of the suction pad. The mould remains intact, so you can repeatedly use the same mould.

With vacuum technology you can demould and turn concrete staircases in one movement. Storage of the staircases is possible both horizontal and vertical, regardless of their shape or weight.

Assembling staircases on site

All the vacuum lifters of Aerolift are custom made. We have nothing on stock, because every situation asks for its own solution. It is possible we design a vacuum lifter to demould, move, turn and assemble, but this is not always desirable. Our vacuum lifting solution always depends on the requirements of the customer.

Return of investment

A vacuum lifter is always a depth investment. But you reach ‘return of investment’ probably faster than you expect! Below a simple calculation:

Every staircase needs at least six embeds to demould, turn, move and assemble. Four embeds on the bottom side for lifting and two embeds on the side for turning. Every embed needs to be fixed and afterwards every suspension point needs to be cut off or otherwise removed. If you also take the labour into account, the costs are quickly € 10,- per embed. This would be € 60,- to handle one staircase.

If you handle 1.000 staircases each year, the production costs can be reduced by € 60.000,-. Those production costs are yearly. Instead you can also do an one time investment in a vacuum lifter. Let’s say the vacuum lifter costs € 40.000,-. Return of investment is within one year.

* Please note that all the prices above are examples and do not exactly correspond to reality.

Advantages of lifting concrete with vacuum technology

In this article a lot of the advantages of vacuum technology are pointed out. But for lifting concrete elements vacuum even offers more benefits. Below all the advantages at a glance:

  • Easy and fast;
  • No damage to the load;
  • No investment in embeds;
  • Less manpower, through simple controls;
  • Less chance of damage or accidents during handling;
  • Extremely safe, due to visible safety features, alarm system and “hang on” time;
  • Highly efficient inside storage facilities.