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Customised lifting solutions for your complete handling process

Are you looking for a lifting solution to optimise your complete handling process? Aerolift designs customised lifting solutions for various industries. Think of the concrete industry, TBM industry, metal industry, piping industry, paper roll industry, the wind power industry, and so on.

Most of our lifting solutions are based on vacuum handling, due to the many benefits compared to other lifting methods. The possibilities of vacuum technology are endless. But, if vacuum is not applicable we also design mechanical lifting solutions which offer the same sort of advantages as vacuum handling. We like a challenge and are happy to find a fitting solution for your handling problem.

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Lifting conical-shaped products

Designing safe and efficient lifting solutions is sometimes quite a challenge. Especially if every product is a little bit different. However, with our experience and know-how, we find the most efficient and safe solution. Conical-shaped product The tower of a wind turbine is a great example of a conical-shaped object....

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Lifting solution for wooden panels

Wood is not a common product for Aerolift to lift since the surface is in most situations not airtight. However, the company Lister Buildings uses Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT). A material that is suitable for constructive building, and which is quite airtight. The company uses an innovative concept of modular construction with...

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Interview Robert Lemm about the EU-series

On July 1, Aerolift launched the EU-series. A new concept to fill a gap in the current lifting market. We asked Robert Lemm, CEO of Aerolift, some questions about the concept. In the interview below, Robert talks about the idea behind this new concept and much more. Let us start...

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