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Customised lifting solutions for your complete handling process

Are you looking for a lifting solution to optimise your complete handling process? Aerolift designs customised lifting solutions for various industries. Think of the concrete industry, TBM industry, metal industry, piping industry, paper roll industry, the wind power industry, and so on.

Most of our lifting solutions are based on vacuum handling, due to the many benefits compared to other lifting methods. The possibilities of vacuum technology are endless. But, if vacuum is not applicable we also design mechanical lifting solutions which offer the same sort of advantages as vacuum handling. We like a challenge and are happy to find a fitting solution for your handling problem.

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Our latest news

New: modular vacuum lifter

PRESS RELEASE Barneveld, The Netherlands – July 1, 2022 – New development, a modular vacuum lifter. As of today, Aerolift adds the EU-series to its customised lifting solutions. This way, Aerolift wants to satisfy a wish that has existed on the worldwide market for some time: an affordable lifting solution...

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Back after 20 years

Twenty years ago, this customer bought their first Aerolift vacuum lifter. A lifter with a maximum capacity of ten tons. After the satisfying experience with their current machine, they returned to Aerolift for a second vacuum lifter. A vacuum lifter that looks quite the same, but with some extra options....

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Innovation: quick-change system for suction pads

The Aerolift vacuum lifters are often provided with exchangeable suction pads. Thus, the same lifter can easily be used for lifting products of very different dimensions. Of course, we already used a quick coupling system. However, with this innovation, we reduced the number of actions required to connect and disconnect...

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