About Aerolift

Aerolift designs customised lifting solutions worldwide. Our goal is to increase efficiency and safety during lifting operation. In many situations, these benefits go hand in hand, so a boost in efficiency also means greater safety.

Since the 1960’s we design and built innovative solutions for industrial lifting. We are known for our knowhow and our product quality. Over the years we developed an advanced product knowledge and a wealth of experience in many different industries. Our experience enables us to read the needs of every industry fast and efficiently, and to design effective, customized solutions for every situation. Also in your industry!

Unique solutions and advantages

The complete development process is controlled under our own management. We have our own engineering department, production department and service department. An organisational structure that enables us to design and build the most complex solutions for almost any logistical purpose.

Vacuum lifting Holland

Aerolift specialises in lifting solutions for complete handling processes. From production to construction. Most of our lifting solutions are based on vacuum technology. In our opinion is vacuum technology the best lifting method there is, due to the many benefits compared to other lifting methods. We are the vacuum lifting expert in Holland and our products are applied worldwide. Not all products are suited to be lifted by vacuum. For these situations we design lifting solutions without vacuum. Still, we design the lifting solutions to offer the same sort of benefits as a vacuum lifting solution:

Easy and fast

  • Suction attachment/detachment in seconds

Reduced production costs

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower investment in technology, labour and energy
  • No damage to load


  • Double safety factor
  • Extra safety provision with power failure
  • Reduced accident risk

Production facility MHZ

The production of Aerolift is conducted in the Netherlands by MHZ. The companies have been sister organisations since 1998. Due to the close cooperation for many years, Aerolift is able to design and produce the most complex lifting machines. The lines of communication are short and there is daily contact between our employees to make every project a success. In addition to the production, MHZ also provides service and maintenance. And commissioning on site if necessary.

More about Aerolift – Vacuum lifting Holland

The Aerolift lifting solutions stand out in simplicity and speed, and are designed to optimise your logistics. Depending on your environment the lifters can operate ‘stand-alone’ or in combination with other handling equipment, such as cranes, loaders and forklifts. You may have some ideas of your own for a logistical solution. We are happy to assist you to transfer these ideas into a practical design. Looking for a lifting solution for the complete handling process? Contact Aerolift, the vacuum lifting Holland expert.