Pipe handling equipment

Looking for handling equipment for your pipeline project? Use the Aerolift pipe handling equipment. Our custom-made lifting solutions are used for every part of the lifting process of line pipes. During production, storage, internal transport, transhipment, construction of the pipelines and even offshore.

Improve the safe work environment

Pipe lifting is often done by slings or hooks. Both methods which require manual attachment and detachment. This is no problem on ground level, but what if the line pipes are stacked up to several meters high? Someone must climb the stack, which is a very dangerous situation with great risk to life and limb. All Aerolift pipe handling equipment is designed to rule out this risk. Improving the safety of the work environment tremendously. However, this is not the only benefit.

Pipe lifting by vacuum

Most Aerolift lifting solutions are based on vacuum lifting technology. In our opining is vacuum handling the best lifting method there is. The advantages compared to other lifting methods are unique and impressive. One of those advantages being, nobody needs to be near the line pipes in any part of the handling process. Improving safety and ruling out the risk to life and limb! But besides this reason there are many more reasons to opt for a vacuum pipe lifter:

  • Easy and fast handling
  • Perfect control during handling
  • No spacers or stoppers needed
  • Safe lifting through safety provisions
  • No damage to the pipe
  • Increased productivity
  • Less manpower
  • Lower investment in technology and energy

Lifting multiple pipes

All Aerolift vacuum pipe lifters are custom made and designed for a specific purpose. Will the vacuum lifter be used to handle one or multiple pipes at ones? What is the diameter range of pipes which need to be lifted? It all depends on the situation and the customer’s desires.

Lifting solutions for coated pipes

Coated pipes are not always suited to be lifted by a vacuum. It all depends on the kind of coating. Is the coating airtight? If not, the line pipe can no longer be lifted by vacuum. Specially for these situations we engineer mechanical pipe lifting devices which offer the same sort of advantages as a vacuum pipe lifter. For example, the clamping force of the spreader bar is automatically activated after the pipe lifting device positions itself above the coated pipes. All controlled by the crane operator from a safe distance from inside the crane cabin. Besides, the mechanical lifting device also offers other advantages such as easy and fast handling, safety, increased productivity, lower investment, and no damage to the load.

Custom made pipe handling equipment for your situation

Are you curious if the Aerolift pipe handling equipment can improve your handling process? Contact us and our team is happy to discuss the handling possibilities for your line pipes. Do you not only wish to handle pipes, but also plates? The Aerolift lifting solutions are used to lift both plates and (coated) pipes.