Lifting equipment without vacuum

Aerolift, worldwide known for their lifting equipment based on vacuum technology, often is contacted to offer a complete solution for the whole handling range. Even when vacuum is impossible or not advisable. As a result, we also design lifting equipment without vacuum.

Some Aerolift lifting solutions without vacuum from the past and the future:

Aerogripper; lifting wrapped paper rolls

One of the first solutions without vacuum was the Aerogripper. The customer already used fully automated Aerolift vacuum lifters to lift paper rolls. However, paper rolls must often be wrapped to be shipped by sea. Wrapped paper rolls can’t be handled safely by vacuum technology. The explosion of the vacuum would break or rip the wrap.

To handle the wrapped paper rolls we developed the hydraulic Aerogripper. A six-armed paper gripper which is able to lift wrapped paper rolls. The Aerogripper lifts the paper rolls in an upright position. The six gripping arms match the parameters of the batch paper rolls as they are placed with a minimum distance in between. This means a very efficient use of storage space. Due, to the long arms it is even possible to handle multiple paper rolls at ones. We also developed a mechanical Aerogripper.

Lifting equipment for coated pipes

To lift coated or concrete pipes, which aren’t airtight, we designed a pipe lifting device. The pipe lifting device is designed to reach the same sort of advantages a vacuum pipe lifter would do. Such as easy, fast and safe handling, and as less as possible direct contact. The lifting device positions itself perfectly above the pipes, after which clamping is automatically activated. We also designed pipe handling by coffins with fingers to be suspended from a spreader bar.

Would you like to transport a stack of tunnel segments?

We designed a clamp lifting device which is able to lift a complete stack of precast tunnel segments at ones. Think of handling the stack of segments from the production or storage facility to a truck. Or to handle the stack down the tunnel shaft into the TBM area. For the TBM industry we offer handling solutions for every part in the process from production until inside the tunnel boring machine.

Lifting equipment for your specific situation

Are you looking for lifting equipment which perfectly matches your situation? Let us know the specifications and requirements, and we are able to design a custom made solution. Contact our team and tell us everything about your situation.