Heavy lifting solutions for other industries

Aerolift specialises in customised lifting solutions for the complete handling processes within the heavy lifting industry. We design solutions with a lifting capacity from only 85 kg up to 85 tons. And even more if desired… For every situation we look for the best possible handling solution. Optimising efficiency and the safe work environment. No situation is the same, and so are our lifting devices.

Lifting solutions based on vacuum

If possible, we design our lifting solutions based on vacuum lifting technology. We prefer vacuum handling due to the many unique advantages compared to other lifting methods:

Easy and fast

  • Attachment and detachment are done in seconds

Reduced production costs

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower investment in technology, labour, and energy
  • No damage to the product


  • Double safety factor
  • Extra safety provision in the event of a power failure
  • Reduced accident risk

Mechanical lifting solutions

Not all products are suited to be handled by vacuum. For these situations we engineer mechanical lifting solutions. The mechanical solutions are always specially engineered to offer the same sort of advantages as a vacuum lifter.

Many different industries

We deliver our heavy lifting solutions worldwide since the 1960’s. Over the years our handling devices are applied in many different industries.

Industries where the Aerolift lifting solutions are most often used:

Other industries

But we also engineer (vacuum) lifting devices which are used to handle glass, plastics, timber, sandstone, bluestone, and clay products. Is your industry not listed? Do not hesitate to contact our team of lifting experts. Our customised lifting solutions are applied in many more industries.

Glass handling solutions

Vacuum handling is a well-known lifting method for the glass industry. The soft suction pad with a divided surface pressure enables easy and fast handling without scratching or otherwise harming the glass. In this industry Aerolift distinguishes itself by engineering custom made vacuum lifters. For applications with a repetitive character we develop fully automatic, robot-like lifting devices. We also develop solutions for glass handling in high-rise buildings for the installation of facade panels and windows.

Handling plastics by vacuum

The applications of vacuum technology in plastics is extremely diverse. Any product with an airtight surface is suited to be lifted by vacuum. In this industry we mainly focus on handling the somewhat heavier product and lifting processes with a repetitive character. For example:

  • Fuel tanks
  • Bulk storage (e.g. drums and tanks)
  • Facade cladding panels (profiles)
  • Worktops/kitchen countertops
  • Car parts
  • Aircraft parts
  • Wind turbine rotor blades
  • “Spar cabs” of a windmill blade and other such strength reinforcers. These can be form-removed and 90% tilted with Aerolift vacuum lifters

Handling in the timber industry

In the timber industry we specialise in handling wooden products with an airtight surface, which therefore can be handled by vacuum technology. Especially with a wooden product it is important be sure the product to handle has really an airtight surface. In sawmills, vacuum lifting equipment is usually used in combination with an overhead crane. Aerolift develops vacuum lifters in combination with extension systems that can handle boards of different lengths. With one device you can not only handle a board of six meters, but also a board of up to twelve meters. Also within wood frame construction you can make use of vacuum technology. This way you can not only lift walls, but also turn them 90° and eventually place them.

Handling sandstone, bluestone, and clay products

The surface of sandstone, bluestone and clay products are easily damage and need to be handled with care. Vacuum technology is an excellent choice, due to the soft rubber and divided surface pressure. Even the most sensitive surfaces stay undamaged by vacuum handling.

More information about heavy lifting solutions for your industry?

Curious for the best possible heavy lifting solution for your situation? Contact our team of lifting experts and discuss the possibilities.