Vacuum lifting devices for heavy objects

Are you looking for equipment to lift heavy objects? Aerolift offers custom made vacuum lifting devices for heavy objects. No matter the  weight, the Aerolift vacuum lifting equipment handle your heavy product easy, fast, safe, and without damage. The lifter creates a strong and persistent vacuum connection. Products are easily lifted, turned, rotated and moved.

Vacuum lifting equipment for all kind of materials

In contradiction to what is often believed about vacuum lifting equipment, objects do not need to be flat or completely smooth. Also curved objects or objects with a rough surface can be lifted. These material properties are easily taken into account in the design. Just give us the specifications of your heavy object. This opens up the world for many application possibilities for vacuum lifting equipment. It enables material handling of concrete, paper reels, metal, wood and many other heavy materials.

Lifting in challenging circumstances

Aerolift vacuum lifting equipment makes it possible to lift heavy objects in the most challenging circumstances. Our lifting equipment support projects and construction in all possible environments. Think of extreme temperatures, high altitudes, inside extremely dirty environments such as a tunnel boring machine and even under water. This makes the Aerolift vacuum lifting devices the perfect opportunity for lifting heavy objects in any industry.

Safe lifting of heavy objects

Vacuum handling is the safest lifting method there is. Unlike other lifting methods it is possible to see if it is safe to lift. It doesn’t matter if you lift 85 kg or 85 tons, you need to be sure it is safe. Even in the situation of a power failure!

More about vacuum lifting devices for heavy objects?

All Aerolift vacuum lifting devices for heavy objects are custom made. Which means all our lifters are designed for a specific situation. Interested in one of our lifting solutions? Feel free to contact our team of lifting experts. We are happy to discuss your specific situation. You can also request an offer via our website.