Safe lifting solution with vacuum technology

One of the underexposed knowledges of vacuum technology is safe lifting. It doesn’t matter if you lift 85 kg or 85 tons, you need a safe lifting solution. The Aerolift safe lifting methods handle all kind of materials, like concrete, paper rolls, metal and other materials. Even in case of a power failure! Vacuum technology provides controllable safety precautions.

You SEE if it is safe to lift

Unlike most lifting methods you can SEE if it is safe to lift. The Aerolift vacuum gauge shows the level of vacuum. In the green zone (> 80%) it is safe to lift. Drops the level below the 80% an alarm sets in, both visible and audible. A climbing vacuum indicator is a perfect indicator for safe lifting. Were you already lifting and the vacuum level starts to drop? The alarm will urge you to put the load to the ground as fast as possible. The cause of this kind of failures is mostly related to the quality of the product. For example the appearance of a sudden crack. If cracks or other quality related issues are known by Aerolift, our engineers can take this into account. We can design custom made safety precautions to avoid dropdowns when a sudden crack occurs.

Aerolift vacuum valve

We have developed our own vacuum valve to ensure a stable vacuum even in the event of a power failure. The Aerolift vacuum valve needs a positive signal to change position. In the event of a power failure, the valve remains in the same position so that the vacuum cannot suddenly escape in such a situation.

If these standard safety provisions aren’t enough, we developed several safety features to increase the security!

  • Safety release system
  • Overload protection system
  • Double vacuum systems
  • Suction pads with standalone vacuum tanks
  • No discharge during handling

Safety release system

All our vacuum lifters feature a two-action control. To discharge the operator needs to push two buttons at the same time. This is a safety provision to avoid accidental discharging by the operator. To completely exclude human mistakes, we additionally engineered a safety release system. Due to this system the release buttons are disabled while lifting. Releasing is only possible if the load is lowered to the ground or put on a solid support.

Intelligent overload protection system

In addition to the safety release system we engineered an overload protection system. This lifting system detects the overload of each suction pad. If the maximum lifting capacity is exceeded, an alarm is triggered, after which it is only possible to lower the load.

Double vacuum systems

There are always situations which asks for extra safety provisions. Think of a construction area in the middle of a city, stadium building or the option of cracks (as above). In this kind of situations, we design a double vacuum system. The vacuum tank is divided into two compartments. Both vacuum tanks are connected with half of the suction pads equally divided. Or every suction pad is designed as a double chamber suction pad. Even if one of the vacuum systems fails, the load will still be securely hold.

Safe lifting tens of tons with vacuum technology

Extreme heavy loads caused Aerolift to design vacuum lifters which consisted of as much vacuum systems as there are suction pads. Every suction pad is engineered as a separated vacuum device with its own vacuum tank. If one suction pad fails it would have no effect on the other suction pads. In the slider you see the biggest vacuum lifter we engineered up till now. The vacuum lifter is used for handling heavy steel plates up to 85 tons in the windmill industry!

Curious for a safe lifting solution for your industry?

Are you looking for a safe lifting solution with special safety provisions? Don’t hesitate to contact our team for the possibilities of a vacuum lifting solution in your industry. We are happy to analyse the risks in your situation and find the perfect safe lifting solution.