Aerolift rubber – Optimum seal for suction pads

One of the critical parts of a vacuum lifting device is the rubber. Leakage causes undoubtedly an unsafe lifting situation. Especially when the surface isn’t perfectly flat. The Aerolift rubber is specially developed to be a perfect seal during lifting operations! Even if the surface is not perfectly flat, smooth or free of bumps.

Aerolift rubber vs. neoprene rubber

Suction pad with neoprene

A common rubber to use as seal for vacuum lifters is neoprene rubber. However, to be handled by a neoprene rubber the surface of the product has to be perfectly flat and smooth. For example: metal plates or glass. But also, for these products we recommend the Aerolift rubber, because the rubber is better resistant to damage. Unlike neoprene the Aerolift rubber is easy to reform and will always return to its original shape.

Natural Aerolift rubber vs. synthetic rubber

Besides neoprene rubber there are also synthetic rubbers on the market. In their look and feel these rubbers are more like the Aerolift rubber. Still, no synthetic rubber offers the same quality and advantages as the Aerolift rubber, which is specially developed and produced for Aerolift lifting equipment. The Aerolift rubber is easy to reform and always return to its original shape in seconds. Ensuring an optimum seal even after hundreds of handling cycles. A synthetic rubber is less flexible and will return harder and harder back to its original shape after each handling cycle, until the rubber is no longer a proper seal.

A perfect seal for suction pads

No rubber like an Aerolift rubber. Our rubber is specially developed to be the perfect seal for lifting operations! The rubber enables us to develop lifting solutions for many different industries no matter the shape or roughness of the product surface.

Suction pad with Aerolift rubber

Life time Aerolift rubber

Does this mean an Aerolift rubber never has to be replaced? No! The Aerolift rubber is a wear part of the vacuum lifter and needs replacements periodically. We recommend to replace the rubber once a year. Replacement can be carried out by one of our service engineers, but you can also do it easily yourself. First, pull the old rubber out of the profile. The new rubber can easily be inserted by the aid of the special Aerolift inserting tool.

Unique qualities Aerolift

But only rubber makes no vacuum lifting device. Aerolift was founded in the 1960’s and designs high quality innovative lifting solutions ever since! Over the years we developed a wealth of product knowledge and experience in many different industries. The complete production process is controlled under our own management. We have our own engineering department, production department and service department. An organisational structure that enables us to design and build the most complex solutions for almost any logistical purpose.