Vacuum handling applications

Vacuum handling applications are used in a wide range of industries. The surface of the product you’re looking to handle with vacuum technology must be airtight. If a product has been established as having an airtight surface, it can be vacuum-handled in any shape, form or weight. Surface roughness is in most cases not important. The product surface doesn’t need to be flat. It is very much possible to vacuum-handle round objects, such as pipes and specifically designed wall facing panels. For every situation, Aerolift considers the most appropriate shape for the suction pads on the vacuum lifter.

A solution for almost any industry

Aerolift supplies its products to a wide range of industries, including the concrete industry, paper industry, metal industry, offshore industry, transfer companies, piping, tunnel drilling, wind turbines, timber industry and glass industry. The vacuum lifters of Aerolift are also used in large-scale construction projects such as housing, utility construction, stadium building and tunnel construction. This website is structured to present our vacuum lifters as follows:

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Efficient storage with vacuum technology

With an Aerolift vacuum lifter, you can handle products stored either indoor or outdoor. Vacuum lifting can also be used for loading and unloading goods in storage.

Vacuum handling goods in transit

The vacuum lifters of Aerolift are exceptionally suited for handling goods in transit. The lifters can be used with mechanical equipment such as mobile cranes, forklifts, overhead cranes, portal cranes, excavators, telehandlers or straddle carriers.

Material handling with vacuum technology

Aerolift vacuum lifters can be used for all material handling within your own organisation. For example moving products between various processing stages which can be custom designed and built by us as one complete transfer station.

Automated vacuum handling applications

With an automated system all motions are pre-programmed. Lifters of this type are frequently used for complex, capacity-limited handling. Our advanced knowledge of the industry enables us to meet the most complex needs in industrial vacuum handling applications.