Vacuum handling applications for storage

A warehouse is a place where products and/or materials are collected and stored. Different industries use different storage systems, under different circumstances. Whether you’re storing indoors or outdoors, we provide efficient, vacuum handling applications for storage. This includes vacuum handling in storage as well as loading and unloading.

Efficient indoor storage with vacuum handling

Most manufacturing plants have high capacity storage facilities. With indoor storage most of the handling routines are automated, saving time and labour. Especially for this type of usage, Aerolift has developed vacuum lifting devices that operate (fully) automatically. Aerolift lifting devices are used, for example, at a number of large paper manufacturers, where they handle paper rolls.

Aerolift vacuum lifting devices for other industries

Similar use of vacuum technology as mentioned before is seen in other industries, such as in steel warehousing, transfer stations in concrete and steel industries, automated drilling systems for tunnel construction, and as part of the TBM (tunnel boring machine).

All weather outdoor storage

Handling in an outdoor storage facility? With Aerolift vacuum lifters you can keep going in practically any weather – an essential requirement for loading and unloading! Rain does not affect a vacuum lifter. Applying suction pressure on materials with a wet surface is no problem whatsoever. Moreover, Aerolift lifting equipment is built to operate in temperatures from -40 °C through to +50 °C.

We’re with you, all the way!

We’ve made it our business to understand your needs in regard to vacuum handling applications for storage. Together, Aerolift’s team of engineers will work with you to design a customised solution for best results. An example. You store heavy-duty steel sheets. The maximum tolerated surface pressure means you can only stack several sheets on top of one another. Or, you can stack the sheets vertically, using an A-frame. This way, you can store more sheets in the same amount of space. However, the sheets must be tilted 90 degrees. Aerolift will design a vacuum lifter that picks up a steel sheet horizontally, turns it, and stores it vertically. The same lifter can be used to grip a sheet and turns it back horizontally.