Service and maintenance

Aerolift vacuum handlers last for many years. Regular service and maintenance are important. Of course, we are able to provide expert support.

A service contract that fits your needs

Every country has its own safety regulations. In our experience it is important to have your machine checked regularly by an expert, to ensure it is in good working order. These checks can be carried out by one of our specialized technicians (rates on request).

Inspection contract

To have your device expertly checked over once a year we can arrange an inspection contract for each vacuum lifter fitting to your individual requirements and conditions. With this contract your vacuum lifter will be inspected on site once a year by an expert from either Aerolift or our production company MHZ, and includes an inspection report written in Dutch and translated into either English or German.

Need new rubber or wish to order parts?

Aerolift is respected for its quality products in the area of vacuum handling. We can vouch for the high quality of our products, because most parts are built by our own production company, MHZ. All parts from third party suppliers are rigorously tested for quality assurance. Replacements can be ordered from us for all parts of your vacuum handler that are subjected to wear and tear. For reliable operation of your vacuum lifter, strictly use Aerolift-supplied oil for the vacuum pumps.

Want to make the most of our expertise and quality products? All parts subject to wear and tear can be after-ordered from us. For more information, contact the Aerolift team.

Back in action with our troubleshooting service!

In case of a technical problem with your vacuum lifter, for example, a failure during operation, you can contact our production company MHZ. They are committed to delivering a good service and will have your vacuum device back in action in no time. Most technical problems can be solved by telephone. If not, a technician will check the problem on site!

Questions about our service and maintenance contracts?

For any questions about our service contracts, contact our commercial department or production department. They’re happy to explain your service and maintenance options.