Handling in the wind energy industry

The wind energy industry requires precise lifting solutions in many different situations, during production, transport, and construction. All parts of the wind turbine need handling at one point. The parts have considerable dimensions and must be lifted with care to avoid damage. We offer unique lifting solutions that are an excellent fit for the wind energy industry.

All our lifting solutions are unique and designed for a specific situation. Our equipment is used to lift the steel plates of the wind turbine tower, to lift and turn the spare cabs of the wind turbine blades, to laminate the wind turbine blades, to demould prefabricated blades and to lift the long wind turbine blades itself.

Effortless and precise lifting by vacuum handling

Aerolift is known worldwide for its customised (vacuum) lifting solutions. Most of our lifting solutions are based on vacuum lifting technology due to many advantages compared to other lifting methods. These unique benefits are also extremely suited for the wind energy industry. Think of:

  • No damage or deformation to the product;
  • Controlled lifting;
  • Easy and fast lifting no matter the size or weight;
  • Safer work environment;
  • Less manpower;
  • Very safe due to an alarm system and hang on time.

Heavy lifting of the plates of the wind turbine tower

We designed and produces world’s biggest vacuum lifter for the wind energy industry. At least until now. This heavy lifting solution is specially engineered to lift the extreme heavy plates of the wind turbine tower. As a whole the vacuum lifter is 31,2 meters long and able to lift steel plates up to 85 tons! Despite of the weight, the steel plates are handled with ease and in complete control.

Handling the spar cabs of the wind turbine blades

After production spar cabs need to be lifted and turned to match the shape of the wind turbine blades. Specially for this purpose we designed an extremely long vacuum lifter (66,3 meters!) to lift and turn the blades in the required position.

Laminating of the wind turbine blades

To laminate wind turbine blades, we developed a vacuum lifting solution to handle the laminates from horizontal to vertical in the shape required. Due to the unique properties of vacuum, laminating of the long wind turbine blades goes easy and without damage or deformations.

Demoulding prefabricated wind turbine blades

We also designed a vacuum lifter to remove a prefabricated blade from a mould. The lifter demoulds and lifts the blade easy and fast without damage.

Lifting blades without damage

Vacuum handling is extremely suitable to demould and lift the extreme long wind turbine blades. The soft suction pads and divided surface pressure enable lifting without the risk of damage to the wind turbine blade. To demould and lift the vacuum lifter is placed on top of the wind turbine blade without any human interference. The blade lifting process goes easy, fast, safe and with less manpower.

Mounting a wind turbine blade to the tower

We designed a vacuum lifter which can be used to mount or demount the completed wind turbine blades. The lifter is specially engineered for construction or repair purposes.

Aerolift lifting solutions for the wind energy industry

Curious about the possibilities of an Aerolift lifting solution for your situations? Contact our team of handling experts. They can inform you about previous projects for the wind energy industry, such as lifting blades, demoulding, laminating, and the heavy lifting of the steel plates of the wind turbine tower.