Lifting solutions for your industry

Aerolift designs customised lifting solutions for many different industries worldwide. We specialise in solutions for the complete handling range, from production to construction. Are you looking for a lifting solution which perfecty fits your situation? Discuss your situation and the possiblities with the Aerolift lifting experts.

Is your industry not listed here? No worries, we engineer heavy lifting solutions for many more industries.

Vacuum lifting solutions

Most of our lifting solutions are based on vacuum technology. In our opinion vacuum lifting technology is the best lifting method there is! Why? Compared to other lifting methods, vacuum technology offers unique advantages to improve efficiency and safety. Think of easy and fast handling, no damage to your product, reduction of production costs and unique safety features.

The industrial vacuum lifting equipment has lots of benefits, these are:

  • lift and move heavy loads up to 100 tons with ease: Pressure under the suction pad of a vacuum machine is lower than the outside pressure so it pushes the suction pad and the product firmly together.
  • lift and move various materials: Industrial vacuum lifters are used to handle various materials, as long as the material is airtight.
  • be used during production, storage and (un)loading for transport: Vacuum equipment is used for material handling during various stages of operational activities.
  • extremely safe: Attachment, detachment and all movements are controlled by the operator from a safe distance. To ensure the load will not accidentally fall during handling Aerolift vacuum lifters are equipped with emergency vacuum pomp, overload warning and safe release systems.
  • very efficient: Handling with vacuum is both time and cost efficient. Attachment and detachment of the load takes only seconds and requires less personnel. In particular situations several products can be handled at the same time.
  • easy to operate: The complete vacuum handling process is done with a push on a button. No extensive operator training is necessary.
  • easy to maintain: Vacuum lifting equipment has reduced number of moving parts and easy access to important maintenance points, such as filters. Replacing the rubber being one of the standard maintenance operations is quite simple to perform.

Mechanical lifting solutions

Although we opt for vacuum lifting technology in every situation, not every product is suited to be lifted by vacuum. Think of packed paper rolls, coated pipes or a stack of tunnel segments. To be lifted by by vacuum a product need for example an airtight surface. Specially for these situations we design lifting solutions without vacuum. However, these mechanical lifting solutions are engineered to offer the same kind of advantages as vacuum technology.

Prefab concrete

The concrete industry is highly suitable to use vacuum lifting technology. Due to the unique properties of vacuum handling, it is possible to demould, lift and turn concrete products without the need of embeds. Moreover, the curing time is considerably reduced from 24 hours, to 8 till 10 hours! This as a result of the divided surface pressure of a suction pad. We offer concrete lifting solutions for the complete handling process. For the production, storage, transport and construction.

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Tunnel segments are just like other concrete products highly suitable to use vacuum lifting technology. We offer solutions for the complete handling process from production of the tunnel segments to handling the segments inside the tunnel boring machine (TBM).

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Vacuum handling can be used to lift both magnetic and non-magnetic metals. Including steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel and other metal alloys. Compared to other lifting methods like magnets and clamps, vacuum technology offers many industry bounded advantages. Think of no damage, no risk of overload, no spacers, no residual magnetism and so on. Our vacuum lifters are used to feed cutting machines, bending machines, pipe productions, storage areas, transport and so on.

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We design lifting solutions for the complete handling process of line pipes. Starting at the plates of the pipe production. Afterwards the pipes can easily be handled by a vacuum lifting device or a mechanical pipe lifter. As indicated above, we always prefer lifting solutions by vacuum. However, depending on the coating, coated pipes are not always airtight and therefore cannot be handled by vacuum. Specially for these situations we engineered a spreader bar which offers the same sort of advantages as a vacuum pipe lifter. Enabling us to offer a wide range of pipe lifting solutions for production, storage, transport and even offshore.

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Paper reels

Aerolift vacuum lifting devices have proven to be a valuable asset in automated paper manufacturing plants. After production, the paper reels are placed upright and are lifted at the top by a vacuum lifter. The vacuum lifter is able to stack the paper reels closely together, maximising the available storage space. On customer’s request we also designed a paper gripper. A lifting solution, specially designed to lift paper reels which are packed to be shipped over sea. The Aerogripper matches the parameters of the batch of paper reels perfectly, as they are placed with a minimum distance in between.

The paper users, such as the packaging and printing industry, often have limited storage capacity. Also, for these applications we offer custom made lifting solutions which operate for example in combination with forklifts and lifters for manual crane lifting operations.

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Wind energy industry

The wind energy industry demands heavy lifting of large products with great precision. A perfect job to be carried out by vacuum handling. We designed lifting solutions to:

  • handle the heavy steel plates of the windmill tower
  • handle the laminates of the windmill blades
  • demould and lift the “spar cabs” of the windmill blades
  • demould prefabricated windmill blades
  • lift the long windmill blades itself
  • mounting wind turbine blades to the tower
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Aerolift lifting solutions for your industry?

If you like more information about possible lifting solutions for your industry, contact our team of experts. Is your industry not covered in the previous information? Don’t hesitate to contact our team, we design custom made lifting solutions for many more industries. Not sure if your product is suited to be handled by vacuum? Read our article about why a product can or can’t be handled by vacuum.