Vacuum pipe lifter

Aerolift develops reliable pipe lifting solutions for lifting and handling large and heavy pipe shaped objects like metal pipes, coated pipes and concrete pipes. Most of our custom build lifting solutions are based on vacuum technology. Vacuum pipe lifters are perfect for handling and stacking pipes fast and efficiently. Therefore, they are used in many plants and industries.

Vacuum pipe lifting: safe technology

Vacuum pipe lifting is in many cases, a safer technology than conventional ways of lifting. Unlike techniques using slings, chains and hooks, an Aerolift vacuum pipe lifter continuously monitors the safety status of the vacuum that handles the pipes. The operator is able to read the vacuum level at all times. Moreover, as soon as the vacuum level drops below 80%, the pipe lifter emits a warning signal. All Aerolift vacuum pipe lifters are engineered to ensure safety in the event of a technical failure. This means you will have enough time to bring your load safely to the ground.

Mechanical pipe lifting solutions for lifting coated pipes

Our pipe lifting solutions are mostly based on vacuum technology, but this technology can not be used if the surface of a product isn’t airtight. Coated pipes for example are often not airtight. For this reason, we also designed a mechanical pipe lifting solution. This coated pipe lifter has the same advantages as a vacuum lifter. Take a look at our lifting solutions for every situation.

Lifting and turning pipes with a vacuum pipe handler

Besides lifting, our vacuum lifters can move in several directions. Depending on the operational environment a vacuum lifter can turn, as well as rotate vertically and horizontally on its axis. Therefore, our pipe lifter is a pipe handler as well! All Aerolift vacuum pipe handlers are built according to customer specifications.

Pipe handlers for several industries

The applications of vacuum handling are limitless. Not only pipes, but any product with an airtight surface can be vacuum handled. For example, the blades of windmills, concrete blocks and steel plates. Therefore, we supply our products to a broad range of industries. Just some industries we deliver to are the concrete industry, paper industry, metal industry, offshore, transhipment, piping, tunnel construction, timber industry, wind turbines and glass industry. Furthermore, we offer customised solutions for many other industries. Is your industry not mentioned here? Contact us and we will explore the possibilities of our machines that can make your industry thrive.

Custom solutions for vacuum pipe lifting

All vacuum pipe lifters made by Aerolift are custom build, because every working condition is different and requires specific operational functionalities. For this reason, before we start building your vacuum pipe lifter or send you a quotation, we will first discuss some questions on how you are planning to move the loads, and in what environment your load is going to be handled (hot or cold environment, high altitude, sea level or underwater). This will later result in the best possible lifter for the job and clear insight in the investment asked for your future vacuum pipe lifter.