Vacuum handling methods

All Aerolift vacuum lifters are built to customer specifications. The applications are limitless. Any product with an airtight surface can be vacuum-handled with various vacuum handling methods.

Handling a range of industries

Aerolift supplies products to a range of industries, including the concrete industry, paper industry, metal industry, offshore, transhipment, piping, tunnel construction, timber industry, wind turbines and glass industry. Most Aerolift lifting solutions are based on vacuum lifting technology. Every company, in every branch of industry, works with individual specifications which the vacuum lifter must meet. This website is structured on the basis of four, distinct handling operations:

  • Horizontal handling;
  • 90° turning;
  • 180° turning;
  • Turning at random angles.

Horizontal product handling

Horizontal handling of materials and products is the most frequently applied vacuum handling method. With horizontal handling, a product is lifted with the aid of vacuum and moved from one place to another.

Lifting and turning a load

Besides horizontal handling, vacuum technology enables you to turn the material or product. Aerolift vacuum turners are grouped in two variants: 90° turners and 180° turners. Depending on the operational environment a vacuum lifter can turn, as well as rotate vertically and horizontally on its axis.

Random turning and rotating

In addition to the 90° and 180° turners, Aerolift builds vacuum lifters that operate in any position. Aerolift vacuum lifters are most often used in combination with other handling equipment, for example, telehandlers or excavators.

With a telehandler or excavator you can move the load forward, backward, and up or down. Any other required movement, such as rotating or turning, is performed by the vacuum lifter. This method of handling is used in automated systems.

Interested to hear how we can help your business with vacuum handling methods?

If you would like to receive more information on our vacuum handling methods in combination with your product, contact our customer service. With many years’ experience in the business, we design optimal handling solutions for a wide range of industrial uses.