Vacuum handling methods random

With vacuum handling methods for random rotating and tilting it is possible, not only to lift a material or product, but also to tilt it. In addition to the 90° tilters and 180° tilters, Aerolift has developed vacuum lifters that are capable of operating in any position. Thanks to this technology, the handling capabilities of vacuum lifters are practically limitless. For example, they not only enable you to lift objects of any form or weight, but also tilt and rotate them into any desired position.

Using vacuum technology in assembly

Vacuum lifting technology can be applied in almost every industry, provided the surface of the product to be handled is airtight. Whether the product is flat, round or architectural in shape does not matter. For each project Aerolift is able to determine the most suitable suction pad lay-out. Because a vacuum lifter is capable of rotating and tilting at every angle, it is frequently used in construction assembly work. Think of the installation of facing walls, wall sections or glass panels, in combination with telehandlers or excavator. The excavator or telehandler lets you move the product forward, backward, up or down. All other motions such as rotating and tilting can be performed with a vacuum lifter.

Automatic applications using vacuum lifters

Aerolift vacuum lifters designed to operate in any position can be used as part of an automated system whereby all product handling motions are programmed. An automated system increases production output and production consistency. Think of, for example, an automated goods transfer station. Each product is placed in a different manner, which creates different stacking options.

More information on vacuum handling methods for random rotating and tilting

All Aerolift vacuum lifters are customised to client needs. This way, we can respond to the most complex handling challenges. Interested to hear how vacuum handling methods for random rotating and tilting can support your business? Please contact our sales team.