Vacuum handling method 180 degrees

With vacuum technology you can not only lift a material or product, but turn it as well. Aerolift supplies turners in two versions, namely, 90° turners and 180° turners. In addition, Aerolift develops vacuum lifters that are capable of operating in any random position through lifting, turning and rotating. Now, 180° vacuum handling turning methods are also available.

180° turning or rotating?

Depending on the application, a vacuum lifter can be made to turn or rotate around either its longitudinal and/or lateral axis. With a 180º turner you can lift and move loads, as well as reposition them 180º for transport or storage purposes. While Aerolift’s 180° turners are widely used in the concrete and aluminium industries, the handling potential of 180° turners is practically limitless. Depending on the available space, turners can be coupled to most other lifting tools.

Flawless lifting and turning of aluminium

In the aluminium industry, 180° turners are used for quality purposes, as customers in this industry accept no product deviations of any nature. It is one of the reasons why manufacturers insist on inspecting the product’s underside prior to shipping. The suction pad of a vacuum lifter enables you to lift aluminium without leaving any marks, while the turning function enables the possibility to inspect the bottom. This makes the 180° turner such a valuable tool especially in the aluminium industry.

Demoulding and turning of staircase sections

The reason why the concrete industry often works with 180° turners relates to its production methods. Concrete products are most often manufactured in the mould face-down, but assembled face up. For example, think of concrete staircase components, balconies, and other such industrial concrete products.

A concrete staircase is poured with the stairs facing down. To be able to turn the steps (the visual side) over after demoulding, the element must be titled 180°. With a vacuum lifter you can demould and turn the element in one single operation. There is no damage to the concrete product, and no extra anchors are required.

Demoulding and assembling tunnel components with TBMs

Another example of the usage of a 180° turner in a tunnelling machine. The concrete tunnel sections are poured with the convex arch facing upward, but delivered to the tunnel boring machine (TBM) with the arch facing down. Specifically for these types of operations Aerolift has developed vacuum lifters that are capable of turning tunnel elements 180°. And, Aerolift has also developed a vacuum lifter that is capable of placing these tunnel panels in exactly the right place on the tunnel wall from inside the TBM.

What can vacuum handling methods with 180º turning do for you?

For more information on the 180° vacuum handling turning methods contact our team. They’re pleased to explain your options.