Vacuum lifting solutions from plate to pipe

Are you looking for ways to handle metal plates or pipes? Vacuum handling is safe and very efficient! We design vacuum lifting solutions for the complete process from plate to pipe. During production, storage, transport, pipeline projects, and any other moment which requires movement!

Vacuum lifting solutions for magnetic and non-magnetic metals

Both magnetic and non-magnetic metals can be handled by vacuum technology. This can be done without any damage to the load, what would normally be a result if you use chains or clamps to lift your load. Of course, magnetic metals can be handled with magnets as well, but vacuum technology offers some distinct advantages:

  • Lower capital investment
  • No heavy-duty backup power necessary
  • Increased lifting capacity due to the low-weight lifter
  • No residual magnetism
  • No spacers or stoppers needed
  • Perfect control during handling
  • Less power (3kW to lift 10 ton and 5kW to lift 20 ton)
  • Free of magnetic interference and other environmental influences (think of ships compasses and gyros)

Lifting plates with our plate lifting devices

No matter the weight, by vacuum technology you can handle different dimensions of metal plates and metal sheets with one and the same vacuum plate lifting device. You can use our plate lifting equipment to easily transport the metal sheets and plates to feed the pipe production.

Vacuum lifter Aerolift

Vacuum pipe lifter to handle one or more pipes at ones

After production, a vacuum pipe lifter can be used to store the pipes. Furthermore, this same vacuum pipe lifter is suitable to transport the pipes to a train, truck or vessel. No one has to be near the pipes during handling, which would be necessary handling by slings. This means a safer work environment!

In case you unload pipes from a train with slings, someone has to climb the stack. A very dangerous situation! A vacuum lifter only needs one person to unload the pipes, the operator who is sitting safely in the cabin of the crane. Read more about our pipe lifting equipment.

Vacuum pipe lifter

Safe vacuum lifting solutions

Every Aerolift vacuum lifter complies with the most stringent safety standards. The operator is able to read the vacuum level at all times during handling. If there is some sort of leak and the vacuum level is dropping, the operator can respond immediately. Our vacuum lifting solutions are also provided with an alarm system. If the vacuum level in the tank or under the suction pads drops below 80%, the alarm system emits a clear visual and audio signal. Aerolift vacuum lifters are engineered with at least a safety factor of 2. This means if the vacuum level drops below 80%, you still have ample of time to lower the load. Even in case of a power failure, it takes at least several minutes before the vacuum level drops halfway. We also offer additional safety features if required by the situation or requested by our customers.

Every handling situation is unique

Aerolift lifting devices are all custom made because every situation asks for its own vacuum lifting solution. You can think of the weight, size, diameter and amount. But also of situations, think of limited handling space or extreme temperatures. Moreover, we also design lifting solutions for other industries.

Aerolift vessel loading system

We specially designed the Aerolift vessel loading system to handle pipes into a vessel with a limited hatch opening. The drawing below shows the sophisticated design of our vessel loading system. Six pipes are handled at once into the ship’s hold. Through the design every corner is put into use. By adjusting the suspension point it is possible to lift with a load difference up to 7,5 tons on the outer end of this pipe lifter.

Vessel loading system Aerolift

Aerolift spreader bar fingers for handling coated and concrete pipes

Sometimes concrete and coated pipes cannot be handled with vacuum technology. For these situations we designed the Aerolift spreader bar fingers. One, two or more pipes can be handled with this technology at the same time. The PE coated fingers lift the pipes on both outer ends. Also in this situation the pipes are handled easy, fast, safe and without damage. Read more about lifting pipes in every situation.