Lifting (coated) pipes in every situation

Aerolift offers lifting pipe solutions for many different situations. The solutions are mostly based on vacuum technology, but this is not possible if the surface of the product isn’t airtight. For this reason, we also designed a mechanical pipe lifting solution.

Lifting pipes

Aerolift vacuum pipe lifters are mostly used for storage and transhipment of pipes. Handling by vacuum is easy, fast and very safe. No slings are needed for handling, which means no one has to be near the load before, during or after lifting. The vacuum lifter is controlled by a control panel inside the cabin of the crane, reach stacker, etc… Depending on the situation, only the operator inside the cabin is sufficient for the complete handling process.

Multiple pipes at ones

All Aerolift lifting solutions are custom made. Depending the situation, we can design vacuum pipe lifters which are able to lift one or multiple pipes at the same time. It all depends on the situation and the requirements of the customer.

Vacuum lifter of Aerolift which handles twee coated pipes at the same time

Why opt for lifting pipes by vacuum?

Pipes are commonly stacked in the form of a pyramid. This stack can reach a height of several meters. If you handle the pipes by slings, someone has to climb the stack to secure the slings around the pipes. A very dangerous situation! With a vacuum pipe lifter no one has to be near the load in any part of the handling process. So first of all, handling by a vacuum pipe lifter creates a very safe working environment. Other advantages:

  • Easy and fast handling
  • Perfect control during handling
  • No spacers or stoppers needed
  • Safe lifting through safety provisions
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower investment in technology, labour and energy
  • No damage to the load

Vacuum pipe lifter of Aerolift

Mechanical pipe lifting device

But what if you want to handle coated or concrete pipes, which aren’t airtight and therefore can’t be handled by vacuum technology? Especially for this situation we designed a mechanical pipe lifting device. With this lifting solution we like to offer our customers the same sort of advantages as with a vacuum pipe lifter. Think of easy and fast handling, safety, increased productivity, lower investment, no damage to the load and so on.

Handling pipes

Depending the situation and the requirements of the customer, the mechanical pipe lifting device is electric or hydraulic driven. The mechanical pipe lifting device operates fully automatic. The pipe lifting device positions itself perfectly above the pipes, after which the clamping force is automatically activated. On both outer ends, the pipes are lifted by coated fingers.