Vacuum handling for transhipment

Use vacuum handling applications for the transhipment of goods and become more efficient. Transhipment occurs many times in almost every transport chain. In most cases the process begins at the manufacturer’s warehouse, from where the goods are shipped by lorry, ship, train or aircraft. Most likely, the goods will be handled several times while in transit, as they are shipped from one transport to another.

Vacuum lifting in combination with…

While Aerolift does develop ‘stand alone’ vacuum lifters, where goods are in transit our vacuum lifters are mostly used in combination with other equipment. Depending on the operational environment, an Aerolift vacuum lifter may be used in combination with a mobile crane, forklift, overhead crane, portal crane, excavator, telehandler, straddle carrier, etc. In designing a customised solution Aerolift considers both the product to be handled, as well as the equipment to be used in combination with the vacuum technology. This enables us to advise expertly on the most suitable machine, taking your preferences into account.

Vacuum technology for goods transfers

Aerolift is able to develop a suitable vacuum lifter for any form of load transfer. Think of material handlers for transferring steel sheeting and piping, or transferring retaining walls and industrial elements (concrete slabs) in the concreting industry. Aerolift also offers solutions for loading/unloading crude steel slabs, steel sheeting and piping from sea containers.

Loading ships with vacuum technology

Aerolift have developed a special vacuum handling system for loading/unloading pipes from the ship’s hold of a Panama Tanker. These material handlers are designed to grip and feed six pipes in folded position through the hatches on a Panama tanker (12 meters minimum width). By contrast, if the ship’s crane is used, only three pipes can be fed through in a single lift. The vacuum lifter extends inside the hold and is then capable of loading/unloading the pipes across the ship’s hold underneath the ship’s deck.

Handling tunnel elements with vacuum technology

Yet another application of vacuum technology is in transferring tunnel elements and other concrete components in underground tunnel construction. In some cases these elements are handled individually to create completed ring sections ready for shipping. A complete stack of tunnel segments can be handled at once using a vacuum clamp combination. This way, the stacked segments can be loaded onto a lorry together.

Lifting equipment for the paper industry

Aerolift has designed and built various vacuum lifters for handling paper in the paper manufacturing industry. In addition, Aerolift has developed special hydraulic and mechanical paper reel grippers for handling packed paper rolls.

More information about vacuum handling applications for thetranshipment of goods

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