Vacuum handling applications in automated systems

Vacuum handling applications in automated vacuum systems are often used where complex and capacity-limited handling takes place. All handling motions are pre-programmed. An automated system increases production output and maintains more consistent productivity. Read below why vacuum technology can be a highly effective solution in this type of environment.

Boosting your productivity with vacuum technology

Where automated systems are being used, processes are defined and automatically controlled. An Aerolift vacuum lifter can be integrated as part of an automated system. The use of automated vacuum technology brings the following advantages:

  • Enhanced production speed (attaching and detaching suction takes only a second);
  • Load undamaged (no hoisting/precautions needed);
  • Powerful in all directions/ lifting, tilting, turning, etc.

For best results, Aerolift would like to be involved in the design process as early as possible. Thanks to advanced product knowledge, we’re able to identify and solve potential problems early on. And with many years’ experience of the industry, we’re able to offer material handling solutions to the most complex material handling requests.

Automated vacuum systems in your industry

Of course, an automated system can be put in place at any production facility. However, it may not be the most efficient or most economical solution in your situation. Aerolift will gladly advise on how to achieve the most profitable solution for your business.

Aerolift has supplied a range of automated lifters to paper manufacturing plants. These vacuum handling systems were specifically developed to handle paper rolls. Aerolift has also been engaged to deliver a fully automated sheet steel warehousing system, an automated finishing line for sewage wells, as well as several fully automated tilting stations for concrete slabs, railway sleepers and other railway systems. Furthermore, Aerolift has delivered various automated transfer stations, including:

  • an automated transfer station for the aerated concrete and sandstone industry;
  • automated transfer stations for steel sheeting;
  • automated transfer stations for metall plates (see video above);
  • automated transfer stations for T-beams and railway sleepers in the concrete industry.

More information about vacuum handling applications in automated systems

There are many more examples where vacuum technology could work for you. Like to know how vacuum handling applications in automated systems can boost your business? Contact us now.