Pipe lifting solutions for transhipment purposes

Aerolift designs (vacuum) pipe lifting solutions for transhipment purposes. We prefer lifting solutions by vacuum technology, due to the benefits of vacuum lifting solutions. However, this isn’t always possible. Only objects with an airtight surface can be handled by vacuum. For this reason we also designed pipe lifting solutions without vacuum. It all depends on the situation and the object which need to be handled.

Machines matching with Aerolift pipe lifting solutions

An Aerolift pipe lifting attachment can be used in combination with a mobile crane, overhead crane, portal crane, excavator, etc. To ensure efficiency Aerolift considers both the load that you want to handle and the machine that will be used in combination with the lifting solution. Now you can use it to handle your product, such as wind turbine rotor blades, fuel tanks, drums, tank, sewer pipes, tunnel elements and more.

Loading and unloading ships

Aerolift can design lifting solutions for loading and unloading pipes from ships. Pipe lifting solutions with and without vacuum. All depending on the situation and the object which needs to be handled. For example we designed an Aerolift pipe spreader to handle pipes without an airtight surface. To handle pipes into a vessel with limited hatch opening we designed an Aerolift vessel loading system. This loading systemen operated by vacuum and was able to grip and feed six pipes in folded position through the hatches on a Panama tanker.

More information about pipe lifting solutions for transhipment

If you like to know more about Aerolift (vacuum) pipe lifting solutions for the transhipment of cylindrical loads, please contact Aerolift. We are happy to help you. No matter the form of the object to be handled, no matter the weight or the situation. We design custom made pipe lifting solutions which perfectly fit your situation.