Pipe lifting solution to increase safety and efficiency

To handle ductile iron pipes in a storage yard, we designed a pipe lifting solution to increase safety and efficiency. The vacuum lifter handles the pipes from truck to yard and vice versa. In the storage yard both mobile wire cranes and gantry cranes are used. Therefore, the vacuum lifter is suspended from a crane hook with special hook fixture to enable the use of a driven rotator. The rotator makes it possible to rotate the pipes in any position required.

Lifting the complete pipe diameter range

Ductile iron pipes with a diameter from 250 mm to 800 mm need to be lifted. To lift the complete pipe diameter range, we engineered two suction pad frames. Both intended for a different diameter range. The system enables the crane operator to easily switch between the suction pad frames. The width of both frames corresponds perfectly to the dimensions of a truck trailer. And the number of lifted pipes matches exactly the number of pipes in one layer on the truck. All to maximise efficiency.

Total visibility during complete operation

The complete handling operation is done by one person, the crane operator. He activates and deactivates the suction pads from inside the crane cabin. In seconds the suction is complete, and the pipes are ready to be lifted. To increase visibility throughout the operation we provided the vacuum lifting device with cameras. Offering the crane operator, a top view of the machine.

Pipe lifting solution Aerolift


The complete operation is done by the operator safely from inside the crane cabin. Also, attachment and detachment. Which means, no one needs to be near the iron pipes before, during or after lifting. Increasing the safety during this lifting operation tremendously.

Safe release system

In addition to the standard safety features of a vacuum lifter, this lifter is also provided with a safe release system. Every vacuum lifter has a two-action-control. Meaning, the operator needs to push two buttons at the same time to prevent accidental discharging. In this situation each suction pad is in addition provided with an Aerolift safe release system. The system disables the release buttons during lifting completely.

Smooth pipe lifting solution without damage

Pipe lifting with hooks causes scratches, and therefore damage to the surface of the ductile iron pipes. With an Aerolift pipe lifting solution, the pipes are never damaged. Not even a scratch. This is possible due to the soft Aerolift rubber and the divided surface pressure of a suction pad. Lifting smooth, fast, and safe.

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  • India
  • 2021
  • 7 tons


  • Ductile iron pipe
  • Length: 3,000 – 5,500 mm
  • Diameter: Ø 250 – Ø 800 mm

More about the lifting solutions:

  • Power supply: Electric and diesel
  • Length: appr. 2,000 mm
  • Width: appr. 1,300 mm
  • Dead weight: appr. 3,100 kg
  • Additional information:
  • Equipped with cameras
  • Lifting up to 8 pipes at once
  • Each suction pad provided with safety release system