Increasing safety at the pipe yard

Vacuum lifters provide safety and efficiency at pipe yards. Likewise in this situation. A full storage yard with pipes piled meters high. Previously the customer used a beam with chains and pipe hooks. With the vacuum lifter, the customer chooses more safety and efficiency.

Safer pipe lifting operation

The vacuum lifter control system is integrated into the remote control of the crane. One control to operate both the crane and the vacuum lifter. The operator can stay at a safe distance during the pipe lifting operation. No one needs to climb the meters-high pile of pipes for attachment or detachment. A guide roll construction ensures the correct positioning of the suction pads over the pipes. And just a push of the button activates the vacuum and the pipe is ready for lifting. No one needs to be near the pipes. Reducing the risk to life and limb, making the pipe yard safer.

Efficiency at the pipe yard

Next to safety, also the efficiency on the pipe yard increases. Attachment and detachment of a vacuum lifter takes only seconds. Which is much quicker than attaching the hooks manually. And no extra manpower is required for attachment and detachment. The result: lifting more pipes in less time with less manpower. In short: improving efficiency.

Special about this lifting solution

The vacuum lifter is equipped with four wire rope sheaves for direct attachment to the bridge crane (also known as an overhead crane). This saves a considerable amount of height. And is necessary because the high pipe stacks leave a limited lifting height.

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  • Slovakia
  • 2022
  • 8 ton



  • Steel pipes
  • Diameter: Ø 600 – Ø1.422
  • Length: 6.000 – 12.000 mm
  • Weight: max. 8.000 kg

The lifting solution:

  • Lifting capacity: 8.000 kg
  • Device length: 4.500 mm
  • Device width: 600 mm
  • Loss in lifting height: 1.600 mm
  • Dead weight device: 2.500 kg (incl. suction pads)