Lifting solution for wooden panels

Wood is not a common product for Aerolift to lift since the surface is in most situations not airtight. However, the company Lister Buildings uses Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT). A material that is suitable for constructive building, and which is quite airtight. The company uses an innovative concept of modular construction with wood. They focus on building a sustainable future. Aerolift is proud that our vacuum lifters are contributing to this goal. Our vacuum lifters ensure efficient and safe lifting during the production process.

Airtightness and vacuum

The airtightness of wood is often not sufficient for a high vacuum. However, these wooden products are thick and consist of many layers, making the product almost airtight. To be sure the product is airtight enough, we did a test. A sample was sent to our production facility. Here we carry out a test to determine whether the product is sufficiently airtight.

Vacuum lifting solution

Once we established the products were airtight enough, we started engineering a fitting vacuum lifting solution. The solution needs to lift three products that vary in weight and dimensions. Panels for the floors and ceilings. Beams as the walls, and columns that not only require lifting, but also 90 degrees turning.

Lifting and turning of wooden products

The solution consists of a vacuum lifter and a vacuum turner. A vacuum lifter to handle the panels for the floors and ceilings which only require horizontal lifting. And a vacuum turner to handle the columns and beams. Only the columns require turning. However, the width of these products is similar and therefore can be handled by the same vacuum lifter and suction pads.

Both the lifter and turner are used in the production facility to assemble prefabricated boxes which are used for larger buildings, such as apartment complexes and hotels.

Vacuum lifter to lift wooden panels Vacuum lifter to lift and turn wooden products

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