Custom made material handling equipment

Custom made material handling equipment to optimise storage, transhipment, intern transport and/or construction. Aerolift material handling equipment is used in many different industries all over the world. Our main focus: to design custom made solutions which perfectly fit the situation. We help our customers optimising their handling processes.

Aerolift handling solutions

If possible, we design material handling equipment which are based on vacuum technology. We believe vacuum handling offers many benefits compared to other lifting methods. But not every product is suitable to be lifted by vacuum. However, specially for these situations we design mechnical lifting solutions which offers the same sort of benefits.

The requests we receive are very diverse. From handling concrete elements to windmill wings, from metal plates to pipes, from paper rolls to glass, and so on. Over the years we developed material handling solutions for many different industries. But no matter the product, no matter the purpose, to design a perfect fitting solution we need information about:

…the product which needs to be handled

What kind of material would you like to handle. If possible possible we design a vacuum lifting solution, but the product needs to have an airtight surface. Only then, a secure hold can be created between the product and the suction pad(s). All suction pads are custom made to perfectly fit the shape of the product. Think not only of flat products, but also round objects or architectonical objects can be handled by vacuum.

The amount and dimensions of the suction pad(s) depends on the weight of the products. If required our engineering team is able to take cut-outs into account. Even if the position of the cut-outs is not the same for every product. It is also possible to design a vacuum lifter which is able to handle products with different dimensions. All we need is the specifications of every product which you like to handle and Aerolift will cover the range. If your product isn’t suited for vacuum, check out our lifting equipment without vacuum.

…the movements the vacuum lifter needs to make

If we established the specifications of the product, we like to know which movements needs to be made. Would you only like to lift and translocate the product, or is it needed to turn the product? Depending on the requirements we design vacuum lifters which are able to position products in any required position.

…the equipment which you like to use in combination with our vacuum lifter

While Aerolift does develop ‘standalone’ vacuum lifters, the Aerolift vacuum lifters are often used in combination with other equipment, such as a mobile crane, forklift, overhead crane, portal crane, excavator, telehandler, straddle carrier, reach stacker etc. To design a customised solution, we consider both the product to be handled, as well as the equipment to be used in combination with the vacuum technology. This enables us to give professional advice on the most suitable machine, taking your preferences into account.

…the situation in which you are going to operate

To ensure smooth operating, we need to know in what circumstances the vacuum lifter will be used. Is the vacuum lifter meant for indoor or outdoor operating? Aerolift vacuum lifters are not very susceptible to temperature, but if required we are able to build in heating elements on essential components. We also designed features which are able to operate under extreme high temperature. For example: we have a rubber which holds its integrity by temperatures up to 220 °C. Other examples are operating underwater, at high altitude, extreme dirty environment or limited spaces.

Aerolift vacuum lifter handling pipes with extreme low temperatures in China