Pipe handling equipment for pipe mills

Are you looking for a complete lifting solution in your pipe mill? To handle plates, pipes, and even coils? At Aerolift we engineer plate to pipe handling equipment for pipe mills.

Lifting plates after production

(Steel) plates are produced under high temperatures. As a result, Aerolift develops vacuum lifting equipment to operate under such high temperatures. For example: we have special Aerolift rubber which holds its integrity by temperatures up to 220 °C! Moreover, we have a rubber in development which will be able to operate under even higher temperatures. After production, the vacuum lifter transports the plate to feed the pipe production.

Same device as pipe handling equipment

If desired, the vacuum lifter can be provided with exchangeable suction pads. This way the same vacuum lifter can be used to handle both plates and pipes. Moreover, pipes of different diameters.

Handling coated pipes

After production, pipes are often coated. Depending on the kind of coating the pipe is no longer airtight and can’t be handled by vacuum. To handle coated pipes without an airtight surface we engineer mechanical pipe lifting devices.

With our years of experience, we are able to engineer complete lifting solutions which perfectly fit the situation.

More information about plate to pipe handling equipment?

Contact us and the Aerolift specialists will provide you with more information about plate to pipe handling equipment for your application.

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