Concrete lifting solutions

Would you like to handle your concrete products easy and fast? Demoulding, lifting and turning in one movement without damage? Consider the concrete lifting solutions of Aerolift. From production till construction, we offer suitable handling solutions.

Production of concrete elements

To demould, lift and/or turn at the production factory, we mainly prefer vacuum lifting solutions due to the advantages:

  • No embeds needed;
  • No damage to the product;
  • Demoulding after 8 till 10 hours, due to a divided surface pressure;
  • Reduction of productions costs;
  • Very safe!

A vacuum lifter enables you to demould, lift and turn in one movement. After demoulding the product can be stored in any required position, regardless of its shape and weight. Morover demoulding is already possible after 8 till 10 hours of hardening time.

Lifting concrete elements during construction

Aerolift vacuum lifters are often used during construction projects. Think of housing construction, industrial construction, tunnel construction and stadium building. The vacuum lifter can be used at different locations during the construction process. Positioning the concrete element goes very easy and fast.

Would you like to know if our concrete lifting solutions are suitable for your situation?

The Aerolift specialists can tell you everything about our concrete lifting solutions and the possibilities for your situation.

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