Lifting solutions for production concrete segments till tunnel walls

We offer complete lifting solutions for the handling process of precast concrete tunnel segments and tunnel linings. From production to positioning the concrete segments inside the tunnel wall. All our lifting equipment are able to handle both tunnel segments, keystones and lining segments.

Production concrete segments

Handling at the production factory goes easy and fast by a vacuum lifter. To demould, lift or turn, no embeds are needed. Moreover, due to the divided surface pressure it is possible to demould after 8 till 10 hours. Would you demould by embeds the hardening time would at least be 24 hours!

The concrete segments are poured with the convex arch facing upwards (extrados). The segments need to be turned 180 degrees to meet the requirements of the TBM. The rotational movement can be done by a standalone turning device or built-in as a function of the vacuum lifter.

Transport a stack of concrete segments

We designed a clamp lifting device to handle a stack of concrete segments. The clamp is able to lift a stack on or off a truck or down the tunnel shaft into the TBM area.

Handling concrete segments in the TBM

To handle the concrete segments in the TBM two separate vacuum lifters are used. The first vacuum lifter moves the segments and keystones from transport to the erector. During handling the suction pad turns 90 degrees to meet the erector’s position.

The second vacuum lifter operates as part of the erector and positions the segments inside the tunnel wall. To meet all required positions the device is able to turn 360 degrees.

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