Demoulding of concrete with vacuum handling

Demoulding of concrete becomes easy and fast with vacuum handling. Aerolift makes machines for demoulding, lifting and turning precast concrete with vacuum technology instead of demoulding and lifting with hooks in the concrete.

How classic demoulding of concrete works

Concrete objects are poured in a mould that has to be removed when the concrete has hardened. During the hardening time embeds are placed into the concrete. The required hardening time before demoulding by the aid of embeds is approximately 24 hourds, depending on the circumstances. When the concrete is hardened the mould has to be removed before demoulding and lifting. Usually the mould is disassembled, or even destroyed. Lifting is done by connecting a chain with hooks to the embeds which where mounted into the concrete before it hardened. The embeds are used for lifting and if required turning the products. After construction the embeds often have to be removed manually.

How does demoulding through vacuum technology work

Demoulding of concrete with vacuum technology does not require embeds. A suction pad is placed on the concrete surface, after which the air is sucked out. The vacuum creates a very strong connection between the suction pad and the concrete product. It is now very easy to lift the concrete out of the mould. And that without the use of lifting hooks. Moreover, due to the divided surface pressure of a suction pad the required hardening time is only 8 till 10 hours! By the aid of a vacuum lifter it is also possible to turn, rotate and move concrete product to the desired location.

4 advantages of vacuum handling

Lifting with a concrete vacuum lifter has a number of great advantages. Vacuum handling technology allows you to:

  • demould without damaging or disassembling the mould, so that you can reuse it,
  • lift concrete without embeds,
  • improve productivity due to a shorter hardening time before demoulding,
  • handle the concrete without any damage,
  • demould, lift and turn in one movement.

Demoulding made safer than ever before

Concrete demoulding with vacuum handling ensures safety. The vacuum handling technology works on all airtight surfaces and the surface does not even have to be completely flat. If the power fails, a clear audio signal follows and you have several minutes before the vacuum reaches the lower limit. This time is more than enough to take corrective measures and to lower the concrete block to the ground.

Other applications of vacuum handling

Concrete demoulding by vacuum technology is a gain for production industries, but also for industries including internal transport, storage, transhipment and construction. Even heavy paper rolls and metal pipes can easily be lifted with vacuum handling.

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