Aerolift welcomes two new agents

At Aerolift, our extensive agent network plays a vital role in our global operations. We deeply value our agents for the essential advantages they bring, enhancing our ability to address local markets, improve communication, and execute precise marketing strategies. In September 2023, we announced our partnership with two new agents, DANVAC Ltd and TECPORT LATAM LLC.

UK and Ireland

DANVAC, our partner for the UK and Ireland, has over 30 years of experience in providing vacuum lifters for handling products weighing from 10 to 27 tonnes.

This partnership brings an extended and diverse range of vacuum lifting solutions to DANVAC, including specialized options tailored for Sea Defence Projects, Tunnel Segments, and Wind Turbine Blade handling. ┬áMoreover, it significantly increases DANVAC’s lifting capacity, now reaching a staggering 150,000 kg. This collaboration also opens up new markets with the introduction of 90┬░ and 180┬░ vacuum turners for demolding and turning concrete panels and products.

Latin America

TECPORT LATAM is a company dedicated to sales and aftersales of heavy machinery to maritime ports and container warehouse industry across Latin America. Aerolift’s lifting solutions perfectly align with the need for safe, cost-efficient, and time-saving operations in this dynamic sector. With TECPORT LATAM’s extensive network of representatives in each Latin American country, Aerolift’s technology and expertise are readily accessible to clients in the region.

Together with DANVAC and TECPORT LATAM, we look forward to delivering exceptional service and expanding our presence, ensuring maximum efficiency and satisfaction in the UK & Ireland and Latin America markets. These new partnerships reflect our commitment to growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

For the complete list of our agents and their contact information, please visit our Agents page. We invite you to explore the possibilities of our extensive network and experiencing the benefits of our global partnership.