Lifting machine for internal transport

Lift your steel plates before and after cutting by the same lifting machine. The lifting machine brings the large steel plates to the (water) cutting machine. Afterwards, the cutted steel plates can be lifted and stored.

When using a water cutting machine, it is possible some water remains on the steel plate after cutting. In these situations, we use a water separator to create a stable and reliable vacuum.

Lifting machine of Aerolift for steel supplier
Manually operated

This vacuum lifting machine is designed to lift steel plates up to 6 meters. Complete operation is done manually. From the operating side, the operator can steer, enable suction, unload, and activate and deactivate suction pads. The spring suspension enables lifting of plates with a minimal thickness and distribution of the load, even when the lifted plates bend under their own weight. The suction pads are easily adjusted with a spring loaded locking pin to cover the entire lifting range of this Dutch customer.

Lifting machine Aerolift for steel supplierLifting machine Aerolift for steel supplier