1 lifting solution for plates and pipes

Coated and uncoated pipes of different dimensions and even plates! For one project we designed a lifting solution for these products. The design consists of two lifting devices which are able to rotate infinitely and can be combined with three different components:

  • a suction pad bar to handle plates;
  • several suction pads to handle pipes;
  • and a spreader bar to handle pipes.
Lifting device which is able to rotate infinitely

The complete lifting solution

The suction pad bar is specially designed to handle plates. To handle pipes of different diameters we designed several suction pads with different dimensions. Specially for coated pipes, which are no longer airtight or in the situation the pipes are covered in snow, we designed the spreader. All components can be combined with the lifting devices. The complete lifting solution is designed to operate in combination with a Liebherr material handler.

Minimise space between bulkhead and pipes

The complete lifting solution is designed to lift the plates and pipes from and to a truck or train wagon. Due to the properties of vacuum handling the limited space between bulkheads is used to an optimum. We designed the spreader bar specially to lift coated pipes, because they can’t be lifted by vacuum technology. Still the spreader bar is specially designed to make the best use of storage space between bulkheads. To match this specific situation, we designed folding fingers. When the pipe is placed as close as possible to the bulkhead, the fingers are folded in, the spreader bar is just a little bit opened and the lifting device can be lifted. The spreader bar can also be used to lift the pipe, with minimum space use, of a truck or train wagon.

Lifting devices in combination with suction pad bar for plates
Lifting device in combination with a suction pad for pipes
Fingers spreader bar folded in
Fingers spreader bar folded out