We like to welcome 2 new agents!

We are pleased to welcome two new agents: Jeill Enterprise will present Aerolift in Korea and ProAutomation will present Aerolift in Austria.

We like to welcome both as an agent of Aerolift and wish them a lot of success with the sales!

Jeill Enterprise

Jeill Enterprise is a trading company in Seoul, Korea. The organisation has many experience in importing and exporting of foundation machines, tunnelling machines, oil and gas exploration and workover completion machines, heavy duty generators with engines and motors, industrial heavy equipment, hydraulic drifter, water hammer, hydraulic vibrating hammer, all sorts of tools for drilling and much more.

Check out the website of Jeill Enterprise for more information.

6-22 We like to welcome 2 new agents


ProAutomation specializes in robotics and automation technology. The organisation develops efficient automation solutions to increase manufacturing flexibility, improve productivity and support the growth of their customers. They strive to simplify production processes, while increasing their flexibility and productivity.

For more information check out the website of ProAutomation.

6-22 We like to welcome 2 new agents