Tunnelling lifting solution for Red Line Project

Aerolift provided CREG with the vacuum lifting solution used in the tunnel boring machines for the Red Line Project in Israel, Tel Aviv. The Red Line Project is intended to extend the existing metro system with 24 kilometres, of which 11 kilometres are underground. A total of 6 TBMs are being used for this project, of which the first have already reached a breakthrough.

Transport to the segment feeder of the erector

The complete lifting solution we designed for inside a tunnel boring machine (TBM) consists of two vacuum lifters. The first vacuum lifter transports the tunnel segments and keystones to the segment feeder of the erector. To meet the erector’s position the suction pad is able to rotate 90 degrees during the transport.

Vacuum lifter as part of the erector

The second vacuum lifter operates as part of the erector and perfectly matches the interface of the TBM. To meet every required position the lifter is able to turn 360 degrees.

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  • China
  • 2015
  • 6 tons
  • 360 degrees

Red Line Project

  • Precast concrete tunnel segments and keystones
  • In total 6 TBMs with each 2 lifters
  • Power supply: Electric