Vacuum turner for tunnel segments

A production factory in India was looking for a lifting solution to handle their tunnel segments and keystones for the Metro Mumbai Line. We delivered two vacuum turners to demould, lift and turn the precast concrete segments. The segments are poured with the convex arch facing upwards (extrados). After demoulding, the tunnel segments are turned 180 degrees and stored with the arch facing down (intrados).

Due to the unique features of vacuum lifting the surface of the tunnel segments stays smooth and untouched. The concrete product is never damaged through the soft Aerolift rubber and divided surface pressure of the suction pad. All movements are controlled by a pendant control with a safe lifting distance. No one needs to be close to the segments in any part of the handling process. Improving the safety of the working place tremendously.

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  • India
  • 2017
  • 4,400 kg
  • 180 degrees

Mumbai Metro Line

  • Precast concrete tunnel segments and keystones
  • Number of lifters: 2
  • Number of suction pads: 1
  • Power supply: Electric