Lifting magnets vs Vacuum lifters

Why choose lifting magnets? Or why opt for a vacuum lifter? In the article below we explain why we recommend using a vacuum lifting over magnetic lifting.

Complete control

Unlike a vacuum lifter, a magnet lifter is able to lift a stack of metal plates at once. However, the upper plate is safely attached, but the other plates are an overload and could come off. Creating an unsafe lifting situation. Vacuum lifting is precise, safe and offers complete control during the complete handling process.

Increased lifting capacity

A magnet lifter is extremely heavy due to the heavy backup system. In comparison a vacuum lifter is light as a feather. The big difference in weight results in the possibility to increase the lifting capacity (maximum lifting capacity of the crane = weight of the metal plate + weight of the lifter). If you decrease the weight of the lifter, it means you can lift heavier plates.

Saving energy

Moreover, a lifting magnets require a lot of electrical power. Vacuum lifters operate with a standard power supply. Only 3kW to lift 10 tons and 5 kW to lift 20 tons.

Less maintenance

A magnet lifter requires intensive maintenance and is very sensitive to external impact. A vacuum lifting device is compact and robust. We recommend a yearly inspection by an expert. If the vacuum lifting device is used very extensively, let’s say 24/7 per day, we recommend twice a year.

No residual magnetism

Besides a strong connection, magnetism has some undesirable and lasting effects on the environment. Think of changes to the structure of the metal plate and the effects on ships compasses and gyros. A vacuum lifter does not use magnetism and is completely free of magnetic interference and other environmental influences.

Other advantages of vacuum compared to magnetic lifting

  • A vacuum lifter is consistent with all metals, which means you can lift both ferro and non-ferro metal plates.
  • No risk of damage to your product due to a divided surface pressure and the soft Aerolift rubber.
  • Turning possibilities enable lifting horizontal and vertical.
  • Vacuum lifters are provided with audible and visible safety, so the operator knows it is safe to lift. Moreover, a vacuum lifter is provided with safety features for the situation of a power outage.

More information about lifting magnets vs vacuum lifters?

Would you like some more information or do you have questions? Our team of experts is happy to tell you more about the pros and cons of lifting magnets vs vacuum lifters.