Demoulding 2.0 – More efficient, more fun

For this project, the customer approached us to optimise efficiency of their production of precast concrete elements. They produce precast concrete basements, manholes, and prefabricated building elements such as shells, stairs, and balconies.

Previous and new situation

In the previous situation embeds and slings were used to demould, lift, and turn. The embeds were fixed manually into the concrete. When the concrete had sufficient inherent strength, the hoist was attached, and the product demoulded. After demoulding, another system turned and stored the product.

With vacuum, this process goes much faster. Demoulding, lifting, turning, and moving the product only takes 4 minutes! This means that more work is done in less time. Furthermore, there is no risk of damage to the product during turning. And no one needs to get close to the product, which increases safety.

‘More efficient and more fun’ as the customer Mombarg Beton shared via their company LinkedIn.

Lifting solution for the complete product range

The dimensions of the products which require lifting are diverse. We came up with a lifting solution consisting of two vacuum turners. The beauty of this solution: the vacuum turners operate independently, but also in tandem. Allowing the complete product range to be handled. In tandem, the vacuum turners are connected with a frame. The frame ensures that the handling process runs synchronously.

Fun fact: we designed three different frames for three different lengths. Why not an adjustable frame? Well, the design of the frame is light enough for a one-man lift. All according to customer’s wishes.

NEW: Quick-change system suction pads

The vacuum lifters are equipped with a new innovative development to improve efficiency and safety for the exchange of suction pads. A quick-change system for suction pads. When the suction pad is hooked up, the vacuum hose is automatically connected. This saves human effort and avoids mistakes during disconnection.

Stationary platform with stairs for maintenance

The vacuum turners will be stored at a set position in the factory. For maintenance purposes, a stationary platform with stairs is fixed to the floor between the vacuum turners.

Two concrete slab lifters Aerolift

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  • The Netherlands
  • 2022
  • 6 ton (12 ton in tandem)
  • 180 degrees



  • Precast concrete elements
  • Length: 1.500 – 12.000 mm
  • Width: 900 – 2.500 mm
  • Thickness: up to 300 mm
  • Weight: max. 6.000 kg (12.000 in tandem)

More about this lifting solution

  • Lifting capacity: 6.000 kg (12.000 in tandem)
  • Device length: 4.300 mm
  • Device width: 1.500 mm
  • Loss in lifting height: 3.000 (excl. two leg chain suspension)
  • Dead weight device: 2.500 kg (incl. suction pads)