Lifting concrete piles (time saving of 70%)

3 identical vacuum lifting devices to lift and transport precast concrete piles at the outside storage facility of Centrum Pile in the United Kingdom. The Aerolift vacuum lifters ensure fast, efficient, and safe handling.

Expected time saving of 70%!

Vacuum lifter for concrete piles

Lifting range of the vacuum lifters

The vacuum lifting devices lift piles with minimum length of 3 meters and a maximum length up to 16 meters. This allows all piles to be handled at the storage location. The huge difference in length of the piles is overcome with an electric quick-adjustment system. This system moves two extension frames synchronously in- or outwards.

Additional indication lights

Normally each vacuum lifter is provided with two lights. A red light to warn the vacuum level is below 80% and it is not safe to lift. And a green light which indicates the vacuum level is over 80% and is it safe to lift. This vacuum lifter is provided with 20 additional indication lights! The goal is to visualise what options of the vacuum lifter are activated. We added the lights because the vacuum lifter is provided with a lot of options, all activated and deactivated with a push on a button. The light system will help the operator and improve safe handling.

Increasing safe lifting operations

Vacuum lifting is safe lifting. Different from other lifting methods, vacuum lifting offers visible and audible safety. Moreover, during the complete handling process the operator is at a safe distance of the load. In the previous lifting operations, chains with hooks needed to be attached manually. A risky operation, especially when the piles are stacked meters high. Vacuum lifting eliminates the need for climbing.

Additional safety features lifting concrete piles

This vacuum lifter was provided with two additional safety features, a battery back-up vacuum pump and a safe release system.

The battery back-up vacuum pump maintains vacuum in case of a power failure. Every Aerolift vacuum lifter is designed to hold a load for at least 20 minutes in the situation of a power failure (assuming the load is airtight). With the back-up vacuum pump small leakages are eliminated. Extending the holding time with several hours until the back-up battery runs out.

A safe release system prevents accidental discharging by the operator. During lifting the release buttons are disabled. To release, the piles need to be lowered to the ground or placed on a support. In the situation of partial lifting (for example one pile instead of seven), the safe release system will provide a warning signal when the operator pushes the release button. The warning signal lasts for ten seconds before the load is released. These 10 seconds give the operator enough time to reconsider the release command.

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  • United Kingdom
  • 2020
  • 16 tons


Precast concrete piles

  • Length: 3 – 16 meters
  • Square: 200 – 250 – 300 – 350 – 400 mm
  • Specific weight: 2.500 kg/m3


  • Number: 3
  • Lifting capacity: 16 tons
  • Total device length appr.: 6.600 mm
  • Device width appr: 1.500
  • Loss in lifting height appr.: 2.000 mm
  • Dead weight device appr.: 5.000 kg, incl. suction pads