Intelligent heavy-duty transport system for steel plates

This unmanned Aerolift vacuum lifter detects the steel plates through sensors. The suction pads automatically adjust to the specifications of each steel plate. Realising a perfect divided lifting pressure. Through this specific suction pad arrangement and automatic levelling, any problems of steel plate adhesion are effectively solved. Moreover, deflection of the pates is kept to a minimum.

The vacuum lifter is provided with advanced intelligent sensing technology. Enabling a high positioning accuracy of ±5 mm.

Result: After implementing, production efficiency has increase exponentially. Compared with the traditional manual control handling mode, the efficiency is increased by 100%!

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  • China
  • 2019
  • 50 tons


  • Steel plates
  • Length: 4,000 – 16,000 mm
  • Width: 900 – 2,130 00 mm
  • Thickness: 2 – 25.4 mm

More about the lifting solution

  • Number of suction pads: 18
  • Power supply: Electric
  • Fully automatic