Lifting steel plates at outside storage area

Two identical Aerolift vacuum lifters at an outside storage area to lift steel plates of different dimensions. Although the vacuum lifters are identical, they are both used to lift their own range of dimensions. The first vacuum lifter is used to lift steel plates up to 4.000 kg with a length between 4.000 up to 8.000 mm. The second vacuum lifter lifts steel plates up to 2.000 kg and a length from 1.000 mm. Depending on the number of suction pads connected, the lifting capacity is increased or decreased.

Lifting of the steel plates of this outside storage area goes easy, fast, and very safe.

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  • The Netherlands
  • 2017
  • 4 tons


  • Steel plates
  • Length: 1,000 up to 8,000 mm
  • Width: From 500 mm
  • Thickness: Minimal 1 mm
  • Weight: Up to 4,000 kg

More about the lifting solution

  • Number of lifters: 2
  • Propulsion: Electric
  • Length: 4,300 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Dead weight: 1,600 kg