Vacuum lifter at a concrete production factory

In this production factory of concrete products, a vacuum lifter is used to demould, lift, and transport. The concrete is poured into a mould and after 10 hours of hardening time the product is ready to be demoulded. This is possible due to the divided surface pressure of the suction pad. Moreover, the mould stays intact and can be reused repeatedly.

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  • The Netherlands
  • 2018
  • 11 tons


  • Precast concrete products
  • Length: 1,000 mm – 10,000 mm
  • Width: 1,000 mm – 4,000 mm
  • Thickness: from 80 mm

More about the lifting solution

  • Propulsion: Electric
  • Length: 6,000 mm
  • Width: 930 mm
  • 1,600 kg