World’s largest pipeline project Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

During the Nord Stream 2 project several Aerolift lifting solutions were used on multiple locations. It is world’s largest pipeline project. During the project, a pipeline is laid through the Baltic Sea, which will transport natural gas over 1,200 km. From the world’s largest gas reserves in Russia via the most efficient route to consumers in Europe. Over 200.000 pipe segments needed to be handled. Almost all handling movements are carried out by an Aerolift lifting solution!

Vacuum lifter for bare and coated pipes

The lifting cycle starts at the pipe production plant. An Aerolift vacuum lifter in combination with a reach stacker lifts the bare and coated pipes. After production and coating the pipes are placed on a truck to be transported to the storage area. At the storage area the same kind of vacuum lifter is used to place the pipes on a train. The pipe segments are transported by train to four different harbour locations.

Lifting at harbour locations

At these harbour locations pipe handling is done by an Aerolift mechanical pipe lifting device by coffins. The coffins are attached to the container spreader of a Kalmar Reach Stacker Bromma. After the reach stacker positions the pipe lifting device above the pipes, the final positioning is done by the Aerolift device itself. When the mechanical pipe lifting device is perfectly positioned above the pipes, the so called “fingers” will automatically close. Due to this automated function no one has to be near the coated pipes in any moment of the handling process. All operations are safely done from inside the cabin of the reach stacker. Due to the design of the PE coated “fingers” the coated pipes are handled gently without any form of damage.

When the train arrives at the harbour locations, the pipes are unloaded two at the time. After which the pipe is then given a concrete coating. The concrete coated pipes are lifted with the same pipe lifting devices, but one at the time. Due to the concrete coating the weight of the pipe has been doubled.

Aerolift lifting device in combination with a harbour crane

Finally, the pipe segments need to be handled to and from the vessel’s cargo hold to be shipped to the pipelay barges. This Aerolift mechanical pipe lifting solution operates fully automatic in combination with a mobile harbour crane. The pipe lifting device positions itself perfectly above the pipes, after which the clamping force is automatically activated. On both outer ends, the pipes are lifted by coated fingers. The complete operation is done by the operator inside the cabin of the mobile harbour crane in collaboration with an employee who gives directions from the ground using a walkie-talkie.

No one near the load

The Aerolift lifting solutions enable safe attachment and detachments of the pipe segments. No one needs to be near the load in any part of the lifting process. Moreover, the Aerolift lifting solutions are designed to handle pipes easy, fast and without any kind of damage to the pipes.

No one needs to be near the pipes to attach or detach. The mechanical pipe lifting device can handle two pipes at ones easy, fast and without damage.

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  • Finland / Duitsland
  • 2017
  • 15 tons / 24 tons / 30 tons / 60 tons

Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

  • Concrete coated pipes
  • 48” Outer Diameter
  • Different lifting solutions on various locations